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Post originale di: fremmedmynt ,


The old battery fixed it!!

Thank God! I am swetting like *$@$ here! Like the show off I was I told my girl friend that I'd fix her old battery on her 3Gs. Got the replacement battery from Ifixit. Pulled the Iphone appart. Used EXCESSIVE force to remove the old battery. Put the thing back together and tried to boot it. Noting happened. Then I used the wall charger and the phone came back online.

But now, no wifi, slow 3G and when I removed the usb from the Iphone it just shut down. I thought I had damaged the phone, and with my girl friend giving me the evil eye I paniced and ran all over the net to find the solution to this.

The solution? Insert the old battery! EVERYTHING worked.

The old battery had this number:

PGF374167AT 5GA33A5 2779NG1DB-06-130

The new battery had this number:

PGF374167AT 5C71805 2779JT1BB-17-195

So my issue was that the new battery just wasn't accepted.

Phew...... Got to mail Ifixit about this...