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== The Answer ==

=== Possible Solutions ===

* iPhone 4's have water damage indicators, one which you can find by looking into the dock connector charging port through the iPhone case. If the red, or pink button, depending on your model, popped up, then the phone has been submerged for more than 4 seconds. If this is the case, use compressed air, or an iFixIt dust blower, found [product|IF145-064|here]. It is a great tool, and could help you dry the connector.
* You said that you spilled water on the charger, so try replacing the charger if the above suggestion didn't work. This could very well be the answer.
* Cleaning the connectors with Windex is not the best idea. Use a special liquid formula for it. 

=== Conclusion ===

I apologize for my lack of knowledge on the subject, I do not quite understand your situation. Hope my suggestions can help, and good luck with your future repairs!