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It's probably off track.

Here is a long answer about how to repair it:

You probably heard a pop or two so you will need to remove the headliner so you can get to the sunroof motor. Open the sunroof a couple of inches if you can. Remove the sun visors,mirror from windshield,the A-piller trim(left & right side), The top bolt from the seat belts,clothes hanger hook thing,Pull the rear inside side panels loose only at the top,the rubber trim gasket from headliner at the sunroof,the 5 plastic push pins on the headliner.When it drops down enough unplug the sunroof switch and the inside dome light.Then remove the headliner from the car. Now you can get down to bussisness. Look at the motor and see that the plastic cog is still installed,mine is red(they sometime come off,,, is what caused it to mess up or loose motor mounting bolts). 3 screws mount the motor, remove those and let the motor hang but check that the C-clip is still on the gear on the back side. Look at the threaded cables,these need to be put back in the aliened position,but we are getting to that. Remove the 6 screws that hold the glass on...just the glass(3 on each side)..remove the glass. Now slide the tracks by hand to the open position. Remove the switch from the headliner an plug it up.push the button until the motor stops in the open position. With WD-40 spray the threaded cables up where the glass was(look hard they are in a crack in the corner of the rail) and on the inside of the car spray some in the hollow white tubes that you see.Now mount the motor back on with the 3 screws. Operate the sunroof without the glass a couple of times and spray it again with the WD-40. Put the glass back on,adjust the glass to where it fits just right and it lines up as it should. Now put your car back together.