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I just replaced the stock 5400 RPM drive in my i5 mini with a 256GB Crucial M4 and got the issue myself.  Fan running full blast (~5500 RPM) constantly.  I then tried putting the original HDD back in and still got the same afterward, so not sure if a sensor got knocked loose or what.

I decided to put the M4 back in and let it run that way until I have time to take it to the geniuses, and now the fan isn't maxed out but also iStat pro shows the fan speed at 0 RPM.  Not sure if the fan connector got knocked loose or what.  Will have to take it back apart to check the connector.

I have ran the Apple diagnostic test on the machine and got this error code:


Which supports the theory that a temp sensor isn't working properly.

Anyway, this is all just to say that I have had issues with swapping out the HDD as well.