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Post originale di: Sylph Hawkins ,


Just to add a note to this category of Display swap for anyone else who is wondering about compatibility:

'''I just swapped a MacBook Pro 15" late-2008'''

Glossy Screen Display Assembly

'''with a MacBook Pro 15" 2009'''

'''Anti-Glare Screen Display Assembly'''

So what I mean is, I have swapped the WHOLE top case Display assembly, and they match up in the following ways:


Hinges = Perfect match

Cables = Perfect match

Webcam = Works

Display + Brightness Control  = Works

Airport = Works

Resolution = Same as before 1440 x 900

(I am NOT using a high-res anti-glare, just a normal res anti-glare)

'''Bluetooth  = CANT GET IT TO WORK'''


The Display Assemblies are almost identical matches with the exception of the Bluetooth card.

It seems that Apple stored the bluetooth card for the Glossy / Glass screen MacBook Pro under the glass at the bottom of the display, however the Anti-glare screen has the bluetooth board attached to a cover near the display assembly hinge on the underneath of the laptop.

This bluetooth board cable runs into the normal Display / Backlight cable which plugs in fine to the logic-board, however the bluetooth board is attached to a cable cover which has different screw + position holes than the original 2008 MacBook Pro 15" case has, so it won't marry up.

I have simply re-used the original cable cover from when I swapped the Glass / Glossy screen over, and unscrewed the bluetooth board from this and taped it down to the DVD drive underside, '''but the Bluetooth does not work in OSX''' ?,

also, there is no antenna cable for it, so even if it did work, I expect that the reception might be very very poor.

- Hope this might help if people are reading this thread and wondering about the Glass to Anti-Glare Display Assembly swap?