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Has anyone had boot up dramas and your mac pro chimes 4 times in a row?

I had the power supply replaced 5 months ago. I had to have the graphics card replaced 3 months ago. Everything ran smoothly most days. I've had a random problem that when I boot up the mac pro won't recognise external drives. It doesn't show them on the desktop. I found that if I turned the mains power off for 20 seconds or so, and removed and replaced all usb and firewire leads, when I hit the boot / power button all external drives would once again appear on the desktop.

Currently my problem is, I went to boot up this morning, now I have the start up light, a chime then nothing! I've tried a safe boot several times and also an install disc boot by holding down the "C" key on the keyboard, the disc seems to be spinning, then nothing. I have unplugged all peripherals and tried booting, but nothing! I can see nothing on my screens at all! I get random chimes when I hit the power button, sometimes once, sometimes 4. What the @#^* is going on? My machine is a 2007 model / 4 gig ram. Pretty average in todays market.

Any info would be greatfully accepted!