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Post originale di: assortedrubbish ,


Maybe you could download one of the free boot discs such UBCD (that can be found by google searching on your gaming PC, and written to a disc on that if you have a CD writer).

I'd use the command  CHKDSK /F  in DOS if possible,  because although scandisk is native to Windows 95, it's not as good at finding errors as chkdsk is.  The /F option tells chkdsk to automatically fix anything bad that it finds, either in boot records, faulty files etc.   I usually attach drives like yours onto an external USB hard drive adaptor, and then have a fully working PC do the repair scanning.

If you dont have a USB adaptor like that, then the UBCD mentioned above has a variety of things for checking drives. Windows 95 was well known for suddenly getting the odd corrupt file for apparently no reason from what I recall.

Serial mice ? lol,  i remember them,  I still have 4 in my collection of good old stuff (i'm a collector & engineer, that's my excuse).

Hope you do get it running again,  good luck with it.