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Sounds like the analog switch inside the headphone socket is damaged (stuck).

Is your system still under warranty? Even if it's not, can you get to an Apple store near you? They might be nice and exchange out your logic bd.

HINT: Show them your sad game face, hopefully they show you some pity ;-}

Otherwise Ouch!

You might be able to bend the contact down if you can get to the contact. Sorry to say you'll need to get pretty deep in the disassembly to reach it.

Check out step 26 image:


And step30 image:


As you can see the ports are fully shielded so you'll need to open it up to get to the contact. This is not something for a first timer to try (even I won't try).

One possible option here is to jumper across the switch which I've done on older systems, in this case I don't think thats an option as I don't see any feed though's for the connector to access the needed contacts from the bottom  (maybe someone can help us here with a better pic or experience).

As to killing the optical services (getting around the switch that way) through software is not possible.

You may also want to check your plugs as one clearly damaged the port. Get a pair of Apple ear buds to compare with your other plugs.  Note the location and size of the detent (where the shaft gets thiner) and the full length of the plug.