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I found the issue, To be some Idevices incorrectly measure the remaining amount battery life .. So the device drops below .25v 10mah , as stated in previous comments well below the idevice to enable to charge circuit , its similar to how the voltage regulator work in a cars alternator which needs power eg. 8+volts to enable charge circuit .... to cut a long story short ... i was giving a dead 3GS so i changed battery .. which worked great until dead flat.... so in true modders form it was time to mod .. i used a small signal diode which i connect to the 5v rail of the Usb port to the + terminal on battery ... which the unloaded of diode is about 4.2v / loaded 2v 20mah just enough to shunt battery output to activate charge circuit.

its not the best way the resolve it .. but it works and add near no additional strain to circuit ... i recommend to unplug from charger when bat reaches 100% ... to stop overcharging ...