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Can confirm, yes there is such a sensor in this model. And yes it is built into the power supply and not onto the logic board itself. [br]
So if cleaning the unit out doesn't help, try reseating the signal cable from the power supply to the logic board (it’s the sort of short squiggly one on the front of the PSU that goes to the logic board, can’t miss it). This would carry SMC related data from the power supply. It seems unlikely it would be bad  since it’s also the cable that carries data from the Power button, and that’s working,  so unless it’s specifically the SMC line on the cable that’s a problem, I doubt this is the issue.

The other Power Supply connector around the back of the board is only for 12V power, no data at all so no use trying to fuss with that in my opinion since it’s a pain. It’s a tight connection, on a short cable, in a tight area with a lot of exposed, large capacitors in close proximity.

If reseating the data cable doesn’t fix the issue, then I would say a new PSU is the way to go.