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WD My Passport Ultra and Window 10 PC issues


Hello, all.

Sorry, I’m a bit stumped and frustrated. I manage to find one site with the issue I am having but I don’t think it’s 100% what I’m having.

See, earlier the Passport was doing just fine. Now? Any time I have it plugged into the PC, everything is extremely slow and constantly loading. Really, I have work related stuff in my PC. Had this since… maybe 2016? 2017? I can’t remember the exact year. Nor date. But every time I try to scan the Passport, open it via the Disk Management, nothing works. Even went as far as to reboot my PC. Of course, I have to unplug the Passport so the PC would run a bit smoothly.

Plugged it into my mother’s PC and it works just fine. Problem? It’s completely empty. Shows 1 TB free, pretty much. Also, I notice another different. Before, when it was working, it’d say “My Passport“ in the File Explorer. Now it says “Local Disk (D:)“ Yeah. This is one of the weirdest issue I ever had with a PC.

I’m just wanting to know if there is any way what so ever that I can somehow get the Passport to work on my PC again? Is this a Compatibility issue? If so, how would one go about fixing that? Or maybe some kind of virus that stops the Passport from working? Yeah, kind of unlikely but I learned to never rule anything out until I know for certain.

Thank you, Everyone.



WD My Passport Ultra 1TB