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Ok. Here is my contribution. I have been dealing with this for about one year and have tried just about all the solutions on every Mac forum at least twice. Nothing has worked not even temporarily. The affected unit is a white plastic 13” MacBook from 2010 running High Sierra. Two digital outs are shown when you click the speaker icon, headphones work, internal speakers do not. Red light visible in headphone jack. I will mention when trying the Audio Midi utility solution, all the options under output were greyed out.

Last week I booted up with a Linux Ubuntu install USB stick that allows you to audition Ubuntu without installing it. The internal speakers came to life and worked fine all the time Ubuntu was the OS. Rebooted into Mac OS, no sound from internal speakers. Completely erased the disk, installed a fresh copy of High Sierra and '''nothing else'''. Internal speakers don’t work. So from this I gather it can’t be hardware and it can’t be third party software interfering with something.

If anyone can use this info as a clue and find one solution that works for everyone I’d be thrilled. - djc