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I’m at my 4th broken iPhone Xs today, after going for a ride on my Bonneville yesterday.  I had my 3 previous phones replaced under AppleCare+ but now it’s expired - seems that it should cost me around 90$USD to get it fixed. Will know later, my appointment is at 11h30

Spoke to the nicest guy at Apple - he found this thread as well and didn’t recommend re-using my Quadlock (or any mounts) anymore and suggested that I find an iPhone 8 or prior for navigation.

I was also thinking that “maybe”, only “maybe”… ..  Could it be that the camera stabilizer is working all the time and being on the bike, it tries to focus as you ride? That, plus the vibrations, etc.  causes it to break? Maybe putting a tape over the camera would prevent such a thing to happen so that the camera doesn’t try to focus continually?

I don’t get much vibration from my motorcycle, I find it hard that it would be only that…