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Post originale di: Simple Simon ,


Update: On boot I have just seen that the front Sleep light on the Macbook blinks/flashes 5 (five) times. No beeps. I did a quick check on the web re. the meaning of the 5 blinks, but didn't find anything specific to the Macbook. I did find, though, that it's a recognized issue with the Macbook Air, and it refers to battery problems. Specifically, the MB Air has the SAME black screen issues that I have, while getting the 5 blinks at boot. More of a problem on the MB Air, obviously, in that its battery is built-in.

Anyway, I'm trying to cover all bases here, so I've scrounged up another good battery and have left it charging in my Macbook overnight. Will see if that changes anything.

Any ideas re. the Sleep light blinking/flashing 5 times?

Mayer: thanks for all  your help. I'll check the serial number and pass the info on to you ASAP.

Re. firmware, I found the relevant page at Apple Support, which has a table showing the appropriate EFI Boot Rom and SMC firmware for all Macs. For my Early 2008 Macbook 4,1: I  have the appropriate SMC firmware, which is 1.31f1 (SMC 1.4). Weirdly (maybe), my Macbook is one of only 2 or 3 Macs that DON'T have an EFI Boot Rom version listed. Anyway, it would seem my EFI Boot Rom is probably correct, in that the number sequence seems to coincide with the other Macs. It's MB41.00... etc.