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my “restart” problem happens  on Mojave and  Catalina both OS.  i have not tried BigSur.

i had sabrent 2Tb and sintech adaptor ( and another no brand adaptor ) on A1708, 2017 MBP function key.

i sent back the ssd and going to get refund  for adaptor.

i found couple of SSD ( looked like combined 2240 ssd + adaptor ) with working guaranty for A1708 on eBay US but up to 1TB, since i need 2TB, I ‘m using external USB case with my old 2012 MBP 2.5’SSD (mojave ), it takes little longer to start up but no issue.

right now i ‘m not travelling , so this external system is ok but for the future when the pandemic goes down i will travel a lots like before and i will need decent internal system, i ‘m still looking for solutions.

i don’t know who is making 2240 ssd 2TB beside sabrent. and all adaptors looked same on amazon and eBay.