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I just did an iphone 7 plus screen replacement.  I ordered the complete screen that included all the camera , earpiece assembly so I don’t have to perform the transfer.  Installed the new screen using the working original home button.  The new screen works but the home button does not work, nor do I have audio.  The front camera does not work.  Thinking I might have a defective screen, I returned it for a refund and a ordered new screen with all the little parts from another reputable company.  Re-installed the screen with the working original home button.  Had all the same issues.  So in my case, it seems the small insulating tape for those three rows of connectors mentioned often in the thread was not an issue since I never performed the front camera, and ear connector assembly.  And this happened with two different reputable vendors.  Would replacing the home button and the flex assy help?  Thanks for any feedback.