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It’s clearly obvious what this issue is, thousands on the internet are having the exact same problem me included. It’s maybe abit of a coincidence that it seems to have became a common issue since the ps5 was due to release? ? because there trying to push us into buying the ps5. 100% a software issue the only suggestion i have is what my brothers trying tonight and that is to try find a way to remove the software and reinstall it off the Sony website but a older version of the software and a older update, may make the ps4 slower etc but if it stops the issue thats good. Either way once fixed i’m selling it and sticking to my xbox, sony are a set of frauds Microsoft aren’t. Still got my xbox one original and it runs faster than my ps4 pro. Best thing to do is try what I suggested i’ve tried all these pointless other suggestions. Go back to a update before they desided to drop one that &&^&@@ all our ps4’s. You’d think they would be getting alot of $@$* for this and solve it but they only care about money and its near impossible to actually get in contact with them. Best advice try that it may not work i’ll find out but it should do as clearly a software issue. Sucks that ive bought games off the store and pay for psplus to not be able to play them online or use the ps plus. Won’t be getting any money off me again if they don’t fix this issue that they fully well know is going on. No way they haven't had thousands report this but to them only thing they care about is money and the ps5. They’ll soon learn when everyones on xbox. Frauds