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Keyboard Intermittently Non Responsive - Just AQ1 and delete button


My A-Q-1 and delete button aren’t functioning properly :(

This problem has been affecting my computer for the last couple months but it’s getting worse.

Every time I open my computer I have to use the virtual keyboard in order to login, plus my keys won’t work for a long period of time. Then after some time they start working as usual.  Kinda odd and random.

I tried restoring my computer, long pressing the affected keys, pressing keys at the same time, etc. Nothing work at all.

Also I took it to a repair shop to see if there was any water damage or maybe dirt , crumbs on my keyboard, but they told me my it was fine and no damage was seen on the visual inspection.

Have you guys encountered the same issue?

Maybe the only solution is to change the entire keyboard?


MacBook Air 13" Early 2017