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You can buy a new tip and splice it in, if you search likely find it reasonably cheap so buy two.., albeit perhaps bulky tape job is necessary and wires soldered then taped…..

A complete new cord & tip end, which you must solder to the proper polarities of the charger board after removing the old one, this may take a bit of work and a dremel for example to cut along edges carefully, to open the casing without cutting into your hands or internal components of the charger then, do the replacement/repair,  epoxy it back together.  If you put a piece of material or porous paper right over the wet glue it will increase its strength 1000 fold, scratch up the edges and sides with sandpaper that you want to glue so the glue gets a good rough surface to grip to. This is a temporary fix until replacement cord or charger arrives or may last for years…   Keep reading plz…

You may still be able to charge with that pin being bent yet not severely as I see in the pic, however, if it gets much worse it could break off and the middle wire could touch the outer wire to the connector tip opposite power wires and short-circuit your Chromebook, so do use it with care,  try to have that issue resolved soon as described above.

NOTE: I do not recommend Chinese or Aftermarket chargers since they may not have the same sine-wave pattern specifically designed for that battery, these will charge battery poorly and shortens its lifespan, as charger gets very hot;  This happened to my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as i wanted to save a few bucks but it wasnt worth it at all.   Further, I suggest a clip or elastic band that keeps the cord loosely looped close to where it plugs into the tablet, for a bit of extra play in case it gets snagged.  You may even be able to get a short adapter that you plug your charger into and the charger cable will simply pull out of the adapter which remains in the laptop, and no more issues.

The best investment you can get is a glass lcd protector and a nice case to prevent bumps and drops.

Ship hattens:  Insurance/prevention-measures do pay, so protect your devices even consider a Surge/Spike protector for those in countries with poor, unstable power which can kill your devices with high frequency waves and erratic waves of electricity.

Just a few things to ponder…