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Black screen stuck in recovery mode


Hello fixers.

So I have an old iPhone 5s - I might have accidentally squirted a water hose into my pocket at work. But afterwards I half heartedly dried the phone and all seemed fine. The next morning when my alarm went off the phone was a white screen. There was nothing to do but hard shut down to stop the alarm.

Then I put it into recovery mode. I don’t know why. I was still half asleep.

The screen is totally black even in recovery - itunes couldn’t update and says it needs to restore. I haven’t backed up my phone in ages. Any way to save the data?

Other problems - the screen seems to be pulling away from the case at the top of the phone - there’s half a mm gap there that I didn’t notice because I keep it in a case. Hard shut down doesn’t seem to turn off the phone, it just stays in recovery.

I think this is the end of my phone, but I’d love to get the data if possible.


iPhone 5s