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Freezer temp displays wrong temp of -9, won't adjust



Refrigerator Model: GSHF6HGDBCWW.

Symptoms:  Slow ice cube production,  Ice cream melts although meats keep frozen.

Problem:  Can’t adjust freezer temperature.  When pressing warmer only adjusts to -2 from -9.  Freezer is nowhere -9 degrees inside, actually hovers around 30 - 32 degrees when taking measurements at the ice maker level which may accounts for extremely slow ice cubes production.  When checking again temperature freezer side always “defaults” to -9.  Note: refrigerator side adjusts fine and is keeping temperature were set and the display is quite accurate.

Actions taken:  replaced main control board (WR55X11080 ), both freezer side thermistors: one on top of the  evaporator coil and the other in the freezer wall.  Technician replaced compressor gas tube which was corroded and had leaked gas.  The freezer problem happened long before compressor gas leak so it isn’t related.

Appreciate any ideas to fix this…  Thxs!…


Jaime Santiago,


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