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Post originale di: Chris Yates ,


'''UPDATE - 11/10/20'''

I was able to locate a replacement main logic board for the 2546 iMac 27. Albeit, it was a downgrade on video memory from 2GB to 512mb.

Again, iFixit’s guide for logic board removal was perfect:


I carefully disassembled the  legacy logic board and swapped over the: proc, ram, sdram card, and wireless card.

'''New Problem:'''

When powering fans and drives are spinning up, but I am no hearing a start-up chime and the screen remains black.

I am receiving the following  LED pattern:

LED 4 - off

LED 3 - off

LED 2 - ON

LED 1 - ON

I have confirmed that both monitor/panel cables are connected and fully seated.

Any ideas?