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Hi Jean JD, I have read my own post here again (it has been a while), as well as your information. I can only guess where the problem could be.

In contrast to you, I have done the 1.0 update in Mac OS 10.12 and I did the Thunderbolt 1.2 update in Mac OS 10.9.

With some older Apple installers I have experienced that the signing has expired over the years. And error messages can sometimes be misleading.

So it may be worth trying the 1.0 update with Sierra and if this doesn’t work, with the date set back to or before September 2019 (and make sure your computer is offline).

Sierra can still be found here:

(And if you want to create a bootable Sierra USB-stick, I have managed to do that with the “Sierra Patch Tool” by “dosdude1”, but that is a different story.)

Good luck!