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Mary Jane Ragpa,  if your only poked through the plastic liner you can patch it with an adhesive or even silicone sealeant. The area needs to be dry to adhere. You don’t want any cold air to contact warm air or you’ll have issues, plus the inside of the walls will start holding moisture from condensation. If you punctured a refrigerant line you’d hear something like air escaping, a hissing sound. That’s not good. It’s an expensive repair if it in a location that is even repairable.

In the future, never, ever use anything to thaw a frosted up freezer. Don’t use a blow dryer, the liner will easily melt. The best way to thaw your refrigerator is to unplug it and open the doors. Place towels around the bottom to catch any water so no one slips. A fan blowingtowards the frozen area will help it thaw faster. Don’t try to rush it. It could take two days, depending on how much ice and the ambient temperature. Be patient.