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My ASUS ROG GL552JX laptop can’t power on


My Asus ROG GL552JX (5-6yrs)'''laptop'''

can’t turn on after shutting down

when i press power button,  nothing happen so i’ve check my battery and AC adaptor status, it was in good condition and i think it’s bios problem  i tried several ways to fix it


# Reset BIOS by disconnect the power supply and battery then press power for 40sec then reconnect to power and try to start —> if my laptop turn on my display showed ROGlogo and black screen and then turn off but actually nothing happen when i press power button
# Replace CMOS battery (CR2032 3.0V battery but not ASUS genuine battery)—> my laptop is normally boot to windows10 and shutdown without problem for few attempts but, on the next day my laptop can’t turn on
# i tried to reset BIOS again it ‘s work but after turn on and shutdown for few attempts my display stuck at ROG logo and turn off again (on the next day it can’t turned on)
# Replace another (CR2032)CMOS battery and same problem as NO.2


Is that the mainboard problem? Or any recommendation for CMOS battery or another way to fix this issue?

Thank for your help


Asus Rog GL55VW-DH71