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Post originale di: Chris Johnson ,


Hey mate, while the new CPU runs well, the CPU fan constantly is Max on startup and then gradually decreases.

Once I start doing anything though, the CPU temp apparently jumps from 35c to about 75c in a matter of seconds!

(I seriously doubt that's actually the case though)...

It's not a huge issues but I really dislike the loud fan noise.

My ideas are that one of the temp sensors were not connected back properly or that it may be shorting out on startup.

Every single time I start the iMac, the CPU fan is max. All other fans run as normal.

I can't control the CPU fan with SMCfancontrol, every other fan is directly changeable though! The CPU fan now seems to have a mind of it's own...

I'm going to try a few things out, I may even swap the old CPU back to see if that helps and post back UNLESS ANYONE CAN SUGGEST ANYTHING FOR ME??