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I have the same issue. I tried everything on all forums I could find to fix this issue. Moved rooms, wired connection, disabled auto wifi select, port forwarding, MVZ, changed routers ($500 Asus and $350 netgear), changed modems, and tested another ps4 for 1 month with no wifi issues. This issues does not happen to any other devices in my house. I recently shipped my PS4 Pro to Playstation to do a warranty repair after spending many hours trying to fix the issue. The issues is random and hard to explain to Playstation support team so I wrote a 1 page paper explaining the issue.  It took 1 month to get my PS4 Pro back. It still have the same issue….. The issues could not be replicated because it is random. They did not replace the internet adapter hardware. I am sending it back…. Very mad.