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I would open it back up and have another look at the display FCP connectors.

# Power off the iPhone
# Open the device
# Remove the battery shield & disconnect battery
# Remove the display assembly shield & disconnect all assembly flex cables
# Check the pins on all of the flex cables, make sure they are clean
# Inspect the back of the display assembly, look for any signs of damage
# Check the pins on all of the board FCP connectors, make sure they are clear of any debris including the surrounding moisture seal
# Double-check that there are no loose screws inside of the device, and no debris on the outer edge of the frame where the display will rest
# Reconnect display assembly & reinstall shield
# Reconnect battery & reinstall shield
# Close the device
# Plug in genuine charging cable & perform a hard reset (hold Pwr+Home until you see the Apple logo)
# Boot into iOS & test the LCD

If you verify all of that and are still having issues, there is likely a problem with your display assembly. Hope this helps!