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Why is myIce maker leaking after replacing maker and water inlet valve


GE Profile French door fridge.  Model number PFCS1RKZHSS. (Ice maker on door) I bought this fridge and it was working fine, brought it home and I started having some issues with the icemaker. It was making hollow ice and will drip off the side into the icemaker part on the door. Did some research, and it said that it could be the icemaker. So I bought an icemaker from GE and replaced it. Installed a new icemaker and this one would overflow and not make any ice. Did some more research and said it could be the water inlet valve. Changed out the water inlet valve and still had the same issue. Therefore I thought that the new icemaker may have been faulty so I put the Old one back in and it gave me the same issues as it did before. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I spoke with someone who works on appliances for a living and he can’t seem to figure it out.


Ge Profile refregerator