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Post originale di: Kylie ,


Broken analog zif connector, top pins snapped off!


Bought another broken 3DS thinking this would be an easy fix as it was described as just analog issues due to drop damage. Shouldn't have been surprised that it wasn't that easy.

The clasp and top pins on the zif connector are clean gone. I've tried seating the ribbon cable with hot glue, but that just brings it from completely nonresponsive to spastic then nonresponsive. I've tried multiple analogs so it's just a connection, not a part, issue.

My question is do the top pins play a role in the connection or am I just not getting it down tight enough? There's no way I can muster the precision to resolder this thing so I'm looking for any paper glue style hacks you can think of to get this thing connected. Thank you!



Nintendo 3DS XL 2015