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Why will my refrigerator not turn on?


So I was troubleshooting the refrigerator not cooling but  freezer working fine. Found what I think might be the issue the evaporator fan in the fridge.  As i was taking the deli drawer apart the plug to it came loose and the wires came un pinned and touched each other!  After finding the wiring diagram i re installed the pins in the correct locations. I unplugged the refrigerator and then plugged it back in to reset it but the lights or anything wont come on. The only thing that comes on is the screen on the front door and it only turns on to see the GE symbol and I cant change it to say or so anything else.  What do you think the issue might be? Blew the main board after it shorted out or is there a fuse I can look for? Any other way to reset it other than unplug?


Ge Profile refregerator