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FIXED! I had this same problem with my Spot and tried resetting, etc. several times. The problem always came back. I think some kind of charge builds up in the capacitor due to the display screen being always on, month after month. Whatever the reason, I found my solution by accident. I sleep with the spot on a shelf near the head of my bed. Sometimes even the low light from the time display would annoy me (even more so when it was jittering! I was mad at the thing and didn't even want to look at it.). So I simply told Alexa to "turn off the display​". The lights go off and the Spot display goes dark. The next time I ask the Spot a question (like: "Alexa, what time is it?), the display comes back on. I frequently do this overnight and have noticed that I have not seen a screen jitter since I started. Even if I don't do it for weeks. So maybe, like I mentioned earlier, something just builds up from the display being on all the time. Who knew it could be cured with a little rest now and again? Loving my Spot again! Hope this helps others. Give it a try and please report back to see if this fix is more than just anecdotal. Thanks!