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I fixed this and just had to post because I don’t see the answer here,  it took me a long time, and I almost can’t believe what it was.

My phone: Moto G7 Plus.

Bear in mind I of course checked the volume button on the side and went into Settings and set the Ring Volume to high.  I also tried almost everything else people mentioned (including dropping the phone(!) but not factory reset) with no solution.

Here’s what worked:

Playing with the volume button on  the side of the phone, I tried pressing the weird icon below the volume indicator and below the musical note (it’s sort of 3 lines but some are like horizontal letter ‘T’s) and much to my surprise, a different Media, Call, Ring and Alarm Volume box opened up (!) and there the Ring Volume was slid down to Off.

It worked.

Why the f that box isn’t synced to the other one under Settings so that if you change one you change the other I do not know besides the fact that it must be a fd up mistake because whatever positive can come from that can’t negate the negative which is that no one would ever the f think of that as the problem.   I just got lucky.

But that’s done.  Maybe it’s your issue too.  Good luck.