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Post originale di: will web ,


I have been building and fixing systems for over 20 years. I don’t know who the crazy person is who figured this out, or how many mobo’s they had to go through to get the temp an timing right, but I tried everything else to try and fix the 3 beep problem. I had actually torn everything down and was about to try and reseat the ram  on my 2010 Macbook air with my hot air gun, when I ran across this thread. There is no reason that this should work. 350 really isn’t hot enough to get soldier flowing, but excuse my french, the MF S@$t worked. 8 minutes at 350F and it booted right up. Now with my brand new battery, brand new super silent fan, new thermal paste and a new 1TB SSD via a cool little slot adapter, I have a practically brand new Macbook air. Love it, thank you for the thread!