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Trying to troubleshoot Whirlpool Refrigerator


Whirlpool Gold French Door Refrigerator - Model Number WRF989SDAE01

I am trying to troubleshoot the Ice Maker Motor.

Per the Trouble Shooting Tech Sheet I am performing Service Test 56, 57, and 59.

I watch the YouTube videos about troubleshooting my Whirlpool Refrigerator and they refer to a troubleshooting sheet that is kept under the right hand door upper hinge cover.  I found the tech sheet and it tells me to press SW1 and SW2 at the same time for 3 seconds, then enter the Service Test Code (same as Technician on YouTube .  I do that and the Refrigerator shuts down.  The lights inside go off and I do not get any type of response on the display (doesn’t show me anything that makes sense).

I have reread the instruction over-an-over again, but I’m not getting any feedback from the display panel.     In the videos, “YouTube”, the technician opens the door and the light are on and you hear the ice maker motor moving as he is explaining the process… with my refrigerator the lights go out and you don’t hear anything during the process.

Am I suppose to do something before I press and hold  the two (SW1 - SW2) pressure points for 3 seconds that allows the Refrigerator to continue to run and keep the lights on inside?   I can see the code but I am not getting any feedback on the panel.   Thank you for your time in reviewing this.


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