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It should work fine, I attempted somthing similar with an iMac G4 17", and it worked out pretty neat.  The computer operated normally, and still thought it was an iMac though.  Note: the graphics will not be as powerful, as if they were through the computer's screen, since it is Mirroring video out of the DVI Port(Not a major decrease, but somthing to keep in mind, DVD viewing should be fine) , since it will still think it has the screen installed, and it may or may not show up as a white screen, instead of the Apple with the spinning wheel upon boot, but it will show up after Mac OS X Loads.  This only happened the first time i booted the iMac though, after it realized there was no display connected, and changed the preferences.  Other than that, it worked fine, and seemed safe.  Laptops like this will require a 65W Power Supply to run solely on AC Power.