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Post originale di: skvortsovsn ,


CPU is running at slow speed, battery not charging after water spill


I spilled some water on my MacBook Pro Early 2011 keyboard. Water went all the way down to the logic board. I disassembled everything and dried it out. Then cleaned the logic board with some Isopropyl alcohol. I then reassembled it and found that it starts booting OSX but then get’s stuck at about 75%. Once I was able to get to the login screen, but then it froze. I was able to boot into Windows 10 and log in. I then checked CPU-Z and see that CPU is always running at its lowest speed (about 700MHz if I remember correctly, multiplier seems to be fixed to 8). Also the battery is not charging. It shows the battery is present and charged above 90%, but it’s not charging to 100%.

I tried resetting SMC but not sure that it worked. At least I have not seen the light on the magsafe connector changing colour.

So the thing seems to be working overall, but far from normal. Is there anything in particular I should check on the logic board to found the reason? Any voltages that I need to check  and where?

Thanks a lot for advise


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Early 2011