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I recently picked up a used 13” Macbook Pro 2012, and the antiglare coating was missing in places.  I read through this thread and watched a YouTube vid of a British guy who used Listerine and a microfiber cloth.  In the comments on the video (maybe somewhere in this thread too), I saw someone who successfully used generic Lysol-like disinfectant wipes.  I had some of those around the house and decided to give it a try today.  It worked perfectly and only took me about 10 minutes!!

Here’s what I did:

I used two disinfectant wipes (Walmart brand) and two paper towels.  The antiglare coating was probably 80% intact.  I started with the first wipe (well saturated with liquid from the wipe container) and wiped with light pressure horizontally left to right, and back and forth, and down to the bottom of the screen.  I then did the same vertically, up and down, and left to right across the screen.  I repeated this horizontal/vertical wiping 15-20 times.  Then I wiped it dry with a paper towel.  The paper towel also allowed me to assess how much of the coating remained on the screen.  When the first wipe dried out I, got a fresh, well-saturated wipe and continued until all of the coating was gone.  I also ran the wipe around the edges of the screen, using my fingernail to push the wipe into the corners and edges.  The whole process took me about 10 minutes.

The only very, very minor downside is that removing the coating revealed several actual scratches to the screen itself —but it was more than worth the time and effort, as my screen is now clean and clear again.

I may look at replacing the antiglare coating, but only if I can find something inexpensive and easy.