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Blacklit LCD but no image/black after battery replacement


After replacing the battery on my iPad Air 2, the screen does not generate an image when it’s turned on.  It is black, but backlit with a whitish horizontal bar that changes from a few pixels in width to an inch and also appears/disappears as it boots up/off.  Everything else works include the backlight, power off/on, siri, sound, wifi, volume, etc.  It’s unclear if the touchscreen works as I’m not sure how to check this.

Below are some things I’ve done:

* Every reset imaginable (holding power/home button with variations of it to restart the ipad)
* Disconnected and reconnected the battery
* I’ve inspected the ribbons and there is no damage
* I’ve reconnected the ribbons several times and everything seems to click in

My current theory is I need to replace the logic board as I may have damaged it when lifting the panel up.  I’m not sure how to check something like this.  I do not think there is any damage to the LCD.

Any help is appreciated!


iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi