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Hi [br]


I was on Cobra Rebug CFW 4.82 CEX Lite. I was attempting to convert to DEX but this never happened because the eidrootkey did not seem to work or dump or ask me to convert.[br]

(I have a CECHKxx - '''Model''' K - "'''80gb'''" console)[br]


So I thought I would downgrade to OFW 3.55 and then try updating to OFW 4.82 again and get onto CFW from there.[br]


I tried using the Rogero 999 downgrader from XMB it worked up until the point where I had to update via the recovery menu using the V37A.PUP[br]

Even with the QA toggled on I couldn't access the L2 L1 L3 R1 R2 down dpad. Didn't quite do anything when I pressed the buttons in sequence and at the same time.[br]

Tried to install the update and it did not work.[br]


I additionally then did something stupid. I put on the OFW 3.55 update on the usb and tried to update from XMB and it then gave me and RSOD.[br]


Now I cannot boot to the XMB or even to recovery menu.[br]

It just starts up wanting to resume the update and boom after 1 second I get an RSOD.[br]


What options do I have? Seeing as I tried taking out the HDD and now it seems to have worsened as I can't get any visual and the green light just keeps flickering.[br]


Many thanks!