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thanks…I know! I didn’t bother to bring it in because most agree, it is a problem with this MacBook Pro, the track pad, in particular…can’t say I have ever hated my computer before, but this one is on the edge.  I have finally resolved the email issue..cursor and words not only jumped around, but would send my email out before I was done….so if I am replying to someone, I delete their  address until I am ready to send. But still can’t write a meaningful paragraph without it happening..whole sections removed, sentences flying to other areas…so frustrating…I have lost my love for Apple products…every change seems to cheapen their products. I had read that the new CEO, a woman, I believe, has moved into high end products, like the watch, etc. Feel like we were all hooked on getting the very latest  products every year or two,  went to  classes, met with geniuses… etc., and then we all got left at once, with cords that that no longer fit, with cd’s that no longer have a slot, with music that doesn't go through iTunes…or whatever….Class action law suit…take this piece of crap back and give us one that works.