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I have same thing on a  2015 model where inside freezer beneath the drawers freezes up with ice & ice leaks all over floor. About every 10-14 days we have to empty freezer & chip ice out then replace drawers & food. Done this since 1 year warranty was up. Had repair man out who pushed warranty a little since it had been doing this and having extreme moisture condensation issues since brand new. Though it was just me, opening both doors too much or that it was a French door refrigerator. It was at the time the no  fingerprints new entire kitchen over 10k in new appliances match. So getting a new one not an option. This is a ridiculous problem for GE not to address. The service guy did replace the freezer defroster motor/ fan and it fixed the condensation problem but not the bottom freezing up & water leaking all over the floor bi-weekly. No more GE for me ever! Husband says it bad engineering, & now an extra defrost freezer instead of a frost free. I call it a POS.