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Modern electronic devices are absurdly reliable. My AirPods have been through the wash machine and dryer and they still work. My late 2001 iBook (Mac OSX 10.4.11, 500MHz PowerPC) drank a thermos of coffee with sugar and creamer in 2012. I took it apart, cleaned it with alcohol and that didn’t work, but using water worked perfectly.  It still runs great, just booted up to be sure. I prefer its keyboard to my MacBook’s by the way. In terms of keyboards, I’ve used the top-rack-dishwasher technique on Apple’s wired keyboards pretty frequently and never had a failure. Haven’t tried wireless.

As an aside: With the dreaded Covid-19 virus running around, you may want to disinfect your devices. Clorox wipes seem to be useful. There’s a device soon to come on the market that uses ultraviolet C to disinfect your phone, remotes, etc, but it won’t do anything the size of a keyboard. It runs $100.00-plus. A UVC bulb is about $15-20 but BE CAREFUL! UVC will fry your eyes and cancerize your skin. Put it and your keyboard/CPAP mask or whatever in a box, close the box, and turn the light on remotely by plugging in an extension cord or using a switched outlet. I lined mine with aluminum foil, which reflects UVC very well. The commercial device runs five minutes. I use my home-made one for an hour at a time, which is probably over-kill. If you use this technique insure that children or unsuspecting persons of any age won’t mess with your set-up. Again, please be careful, and stay well.