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Post originale di: Whisnu Ida Bagus ,


My note book wont boot


The model of my hp note book is actually  HP 8570p with intel i7 3740qm and AMD HD 7570m


I was having this problem a few days ago, when i was using my notebook, suddenly it freezes and i was forced do to a hard reset[br]

When i tried to turn it back on the fan is spinning and the monitor is black and when i tried to plug in my keyboard, the keyboard light wont turn on[br]

When i was looking for the solution I thought it was because of the cmos battery, because coincidentally for a few week my notebook time was often off every time i turn on the computer after shuting it down[br]

But when i replaced the battery, nothing changed[br]

Does that mean i have motherboard problem?[br]

Is it possible my new battery is dead?[br]


Extra bits:[br] beep, and the capslock does not blink[br]

When i remove the ram capslock blink 3 time, looking at the hp suport page it mean ram is missing (atleast my notebook recognized that)The led indicator on the sides turn on, charging indicator is normal, when i turn on the notebook, the power indicator is white, and the wifi indicator starts as orange then turn white


HP Elitebook 8570w