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Usually the problem is in the float bowl. The float needle and seat need replacing.

When it’s faulty, gas doesn’t stop flooding the carburetor and gets into the cylinder and mixes with the oil. You must also change the oil when this happens as your oil is now ruined. Not a hard fix at all. By the way, sometimes you can easily replace the entire carburetor cheaper and easier than cleaning and replacing the carb parts. I just changed mine on my Ariens snow blower for $17. Granted it’s not an OEM part, but it works just fine.

now I’ve got an extra carb I can repair in my free time and just swap it out quickly next time too. [br]


On a side note, seasonal storage is usually the culprit. People think that using “stabil” in the gas works but instead you should run the engine dry and then add a NON-ETHANOL fuel, usually just an ounce or two works, then just run it dry one more time. The non-ethanol fuel can be bought in very small cans at your hardware store for around $6.00 and it stores very well for a couple of years. Search seasonal storage on YouTube for examples.