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Best way to replace key cups


I’ve taken off some keys on my laptop to see which style keys my laptop has so that I can purchase replacements for worn-out keys. After noticing how dirty one was, I took off some more to clean. In doing this, one of the rubber cups making the contact and triggering the keypress was loose and came off. I was able to refit all keys successfully except the key in question. I used some super glue around the rubber cup of the key, put the cup in place and let the glue dry for a moment. I then replaced the key just as I did for the rest, except this key no longer functions when being pressed.[br]

I’ve removed this key again and cleaned the glue as best as possible. I put the cup in place again and tested if it would trigger the keypress and it would not.

what can be done to fix this key?


MacBook Air 13" Early 2014