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Post originale di: Chris Leeds ,


I have two 15-inch MacBook Pros 2013 experiencing similar problems. One will start up with chime and fans with a completely black display no back light comes on. The other will turn on with a back light on without an image no chime and fans going full speed.

all the usuals tried it with and without the charger, reset SMC, reset NVRAM. Still One with backlight and no image the other with no backlight or image.

In determining if it’s the display or graphics card I plugged into the thunderbolt port nearest the Magsafe power port a Display port to HDMI adapter with an HDMI cable running to a TV.

Recalling the F1 key was once used to throw a signal to an external monitor, I began tapping back to you as I turned on the Mac. Just the power cord and that mini display to HDMI adapter.

In both cases the Macs turned on normally. I don’t recall seeing the image on the external monitor, but I was pleased with the fact that I finally had an image on each computer.

Now on to troubleshooting the cause. At least I know how to get the computers running again. In both cases, my clients reported instances overheating (I’m an independent  apple repair shop owner). My hunch is that the machines really overheated on account of being unable to find the operating system. This time my theory proved correct, because when the computer came on I had the flashing folder with question mark

I’ve always associated fans on high speed as an indication that it’s unable to find the operating system. Reasons for a missing OS often points to either a bad or disconnected drive.

Sure enough in one of the computers the one that was getting blacklight but no image any the customer had recently upgraded the hard drive himself. I suspect there’s an issue with the drive he used or in the process of re-connecting it. The other Mac that had a chime and completely dead display (no light or image) has no hard drive in it at all.

So I’ve given you a lot of information here. The main take away is that two 15 inch MacBook Pro 2013 models with no display got the image back on by plugging in a mini display port to HDMI adapter and powering up tapping the F1 key.

Feel free to share any thoughts you may have on the situation. Let me know if you try this and if it successful for you.

yes please overlook the minor typos and incorrect words. We can attribute that to Siri taking the day off.

Thanks and good luck.

Chris Leeds

Independent Apple Specialist

Well Connected Life - Apple Services