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When replacing the back cover, sometimes the flash "suppressor" is stuck onto the original rear glass back cover. Below is a picture of what has happened to my iPhone 4, with the suppressor stuck onto the back cover when it should still be on the flash emitter itself.


As you can see, the suppressor has been removed from its required position on the iPhone.


Here is a picture of what it is supposed to look like.


If you still have your old back cover then you are in luck as you just need to peel it off that and place it back on the flash emitter. If not then you will need to either improvise and use a different form of suppressor (blue tack, dark adhesive etc.) or see if you can find one online to buy.

Also make sure there is no piece of plastic on the new rear glass back. I know that the new White iPhone 4 rear glass backs do have a thin piece of plastic that covers the camera hole that can also cause this issue.

Hope this helps! :)