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Post originale di: Acazielle 24 ,


I’ve experience it today, nope… just a moment ago.. im so freak out dunno what to do cuz i drop the phone not long ago, i mean its about nearly a week after it dropped. So i found this site and i’ve done the reboot thing, or force thing or whatever it called, it didnt work!! Im hopeless, then i found comment “reset to the factory” , i was like “whaat? Plz no” cuz its not that simple for me, i dont like to sit down and wait for the update or whatever, or even to repair it. Thenn i found the reset menu, i try to reset the settings not to the factory reset, its just the settings, and then some problems that cause the microphone mute like cant record or cant send voice note works!! But still silent like a deaf. I got an idea to reset the network, i just do it step by step not directly to the factory reset. And VOÍLA!! THE SOUNDS BACK!! Im so happy not to do factory reset the phone :’ godd u save my life.. i hope u guys can solve this like i did. Gbu and gudluck!!