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I've come across this problem a couple of times recently here are some steps I have taken -

For 3GS

1. Reset the phone often solves the problem and restore if still no joy.

2. Swap with a known working screen but install the working one with the board powered down, if still a white ecreen then I assume I am on the board.

3. Check the LCD connector on the board just south of the camera -remove board and refresh solder if necessary and check under high magnification for solder bridging - recheck with good LCD - if still white

4. Remove the shielding from the components at the top (SIM end) of the board - using a rework station get the whole board to 100 c for five mins and then to 150 c for five mins and then to 190 c - using hot air at 232 c warm up the chips just south of the LCD connector - when warm enough I drop in some liquid flux using a dropper.

Let cool by keeping some heat on the whole board but reducing in 50c decrements - leave for half an hour - and put it all back together three intractible white screens I have solved by reliquifying the solder - all of the phones had signs of being dropped badly - I would suggest that the worst cases had fractured some connectors under the display chip.